Frequently Asked Questions About Our Payroll Services

When will I receive my check?

EPS is a semi-monthly payroll company.  We process payroll for the 15th and last date of each month, with 24 payroll check runs in a fiscal year.  We endeavor to mail checks so that they are delivered on the payroll date; however, we can not be held accountable for the length of time the US Postal Services may take in routing the check to your mailbox.  All checks are mailed to the address provided in your new hire paperwork packet.

How does the Direct Deposit Service work?

Once you provide EPS with the PDF Direct Deposit Form on the appropriate form page (IATSE 278/ 417/ 635 OR Majestic Scene Studio) and a bank generated document (VOID check or Direct Deposit document from your banking institution), then we will enter the information and you will go through the “prenote” process with your next payroll check with EPS. During the “prenote” process you will receive a paper check. Once EPS and both banking institutions are satisfied that the prenote went through correctly you will receive a paper payroll stub and your payroll funds will be automatically deposited into the provided bank account with the following payroll check you are to receive from EPS. This typically takes 2-3 payroll check runs that you are to receive a check to complete.

What is the best way to reach EPS if I have a question?

Email is the best way to reach EPS with a question: [email protected]

Will you contact me when there is another event work call?

No, the union locals (IATSE 278, IATSE 417, or IATSE 635) will contact you with work calls.  EPS generates your payroll check only.

What should I do if I move?

You should send an email to:  [email protected]  requesting an address change.  Please provide the address you are currently receiving mail at and the address you would like permanently changed in our payroll system.

What should I do if I’m expecting a payroll check and one does not arrive?

You should give the Post Office 1-2 days after the payroll check date to deliver your check.  If it still has not arrived, you should contact your Business Agent with the notice that you are expecting a check, the check date you are expecting, the event calls you worked and expect to be on that payroll check, and your mailing address.

What does it mean to have a “Stop Payment” put on a lost check?

This means that you believe the US Postal Service has lost your check, this check has not routed back to EPS as “unable to deliver”, and you’ve requested a replacement check through EPS via email:  [email protected]   Once the agent of EPS begins the Stop Payment process, should you receive said check, it is simply a piece of paper; it can not be cashed, deposited, and is not in fact a check.  Once the stop payment process has begun, it can take 3-5 business days to receive confirmation that the check has not cleared the EPS banking institution.  Once that confirmation is received by the agent of EPS, a replacement check will be cut and mailed.